Paralegal Webinar International IP

It is a great honor to have received an invitation from the HalfMoon Education, Inc. to be the presenter of a webinar titled “International Patent Practice for Paralegals” on January 27, 2016. This webinar encompasses two 90 minute time slots, namely a first one titled “Overview of International Patent Practice and the European Patent Convention”

Implications of the Brexit on European Trademarks (EUTMs)

When will the Brexit actually happen? By the UK indicating officially its withdrawal from the European Union, a 2-year time period for negotiating the terms of such withdrawal is triggered under Article 50 of European Union Agreement. At present, no such withdrawal notice has been made. Although it appears that the UK will actually follow

Unitary Patent System

I will discuss common questions about the unitary patent system in this article. 1. What is the ultimate goal of the unitary patent system? One single patent granted, invalidated and enforced as a Unitary Patent System for all European Union (EU) countries. In May 2016, these are the 28 countries AT, BE, BG, (HR), CY,